Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Almost ready to go! Emotions swirling around like crazy. I'm sure I've forgotten something. If I did, I'll just buy it there.

Some observations:
  • It is not as easy to pack light when one travels in the fall. The necessity of bulkier clothing, shoes, and coats really cramps the whole "pack light" thing.
  • Germans speaking English is absolutely charming. It always brings a smile to my face. 
  • Germans writing e-mails in English is my favorite thing ever. I notice that my own language and wording is very different when I write to someone in Germany than when I write to Americans. I'm already transitioning back to being there. 
  • It is 2016. My phone was exploding yesterday with text messages. "Be careful!", people kept saying. "Be safe!", people insisted. I realize the world is changing. That is nothing new. Anything can happen anytime, anywhere. There is no guarantee anywhere that it will be 100% safe. Use common sense, be aware of surroundings, and for gracious sake, don't sit at home being afraid because that isn't LIVING. Worry not, I will be cautious and be smart, but I will NOT be afraid. Should something horrific happen, it will still be OK. Last I checked, I am still a baptized child of God. All the warnings and concern did serve as a reminder of how blessed I am having so many people who care. 
  • Traveling suits me. It changes my thought process, my stress level, and snaps me into major reflective mode. 
  • When I travel, I always remember the wise words of my organ professor prior to that long-ago first trip. He told me I would mark all my music pre and post European organs and that I'd never see the music the same again. He said the instruments are so deep that "you better have a good shrink waiting back home". He said I would learn more from those instruments than from any teacher. He said I would be one of the students that "get it". Well, I'm not sure if I "get it", since those instruments just show me how much I don't know, but I sure enjoy the opportunity to swirl around in the depths of that history and the months of processing I do upon return. 
I received confirmation just moments ago about the thing I am most looking forward to on this trip. I can finally relax. I'm still a little nervous about the 4 organs I'm hoping to play that likely won't work out this trip, but I'm not going to stress. The trip will be what it is supposed to be, and it's not like I won't ever be back. Besides, the most important part of my trip is set to go. I'm keeping that to myself for now, but suffice it to say that confirmation e-mail had me squealing like a kid on Christmas morning.

My next post will be in Germany, provided I don't get locked out of my account again.


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