Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day two reflections

I'm too tired for a long post, so here's my thoughts for the day.

You know you are in the thick of Kodály training when:
1) You hear people singing in the shower and can immediately determine what level they are in based on what they are singing. 
2) It is midnight and the last three people to walk by the lounge on the way to the bathroom did so while singing and signing. 
3) You have so many songs going through your head like a broken record that it is too loud in your head to possibly sleep, not to mention the clashing keys drive you batty. 
4) You are surrounded by people who are actually as nerdy as you are. 
5) You feel simultaneously more exhausted and more alert and alive then you have in a long time. 
6) You know without a shadow of a doubt that your profession makes a major difference in the lives of children and our society. 
7) Despite the stress and anxiety you are really savoring every minute and having your musicianship challenged in huge ways. 
8) The feeling of being affirmed in your vocation pushes doubt and anxiety out for at least a little while.

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